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Leeds based tech company puts employee well-being first

Search Laboratory launch an enhanced flexible working policy to improve well-being in the workplace

Leeds-based digital marketing agency Search Laboratory is continuing to pave the way for businesses across the city, with the launch of its latest mental health initiative. The company, already recognised as one of the UK’s top employers, has launched an enhanced flexible working policy to mark Stress Awareness Day and improve well-being in the workplace.

The business is leading the way by introducing benefits designed to help people cope with stress and stay healthy, including mental health first aid training, mindfulness sessions, free gym membership and how-to health seminars, as well as offering free face-to-face private counselling through an employee assistance programme.

Renae Shaw, Head of HR at Search Laboratory, said: “Our approach to workplace well-being is to do everything we can to help employees stay feeling well, happy and motivated at work. We all know how difficult it can be trying to juggle home with work, but we hope by having greater flexibility staff will have a better commute, better balance in their lives, and work when it suits them best and when energy levels are at their highest.”

“It was also really important to us that we can still get what we need from each other internally, and in particular that our team in New York can still work well with the UK. We wanted the rules to be simple and flexible, whilst still ensuring we have enough time in the office to collaborate together and deliver great work for our clients.”

This latest step towards greater support for employee well-being has been announced as part of the company’s ‘Well-being Week’ which ran from 4th November – 8th November 2019, in line with Stress Awareness Day. During the week staff could attend dedicated workshops on well-being and nutrition.

Search Laboratory offers holistic digital marketing solutions for household names such as Ann Summers, Moonpig and Nokia. As one of only a handful of Google Marketing Platform Sales Partners in the UK, their expertise spans analytics and data science, SEO, PPC, social media and programmatic display. The agency is widely recognised as the digital leader in the North, in part due to the major brand names across the UK and internationally the agency works with from its Leeds headquarters, in addition to being awarded impressive accolades such as being listed in The Sunday Times Best Small Companies to Work For list seven times.

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