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North East Entrepreneurial Mums Sit Alongside Self-Development Greats As They Soar Up Global Book Charts

Mindset Coaches and Founders of ‘Now is Your Time’, Donna Elliott and Cheryl Lee from South Shields and Sunderland, North East, are in hot demand for their honest, inspiring, frank coaching methods by the likes of; the BBC, American Express, Adobe, Sage and Amex and this week, they celebrate the rapid success of their first book, ‘Become the Real You; the practical guide to ditch self-doubt, stand in your power and step into the best version of you’ becoming a global best-seller, with a book launch party hosted at the Jesmond Dene House – a 19th-century mansion.

The book, which is set to help women to discover and celebrate who they are; setting aside limiting beliefs and truthfully accepting what they want, is flying at the top of the book charts, being a number one bestseller at the top of over 12 categories, including; self help and counselling – psychology, personalities, women & spirituality, inspirational, business biographies, management and leadership… The book also ranked in the top 100 of all books on Amazon, listed in the presence of other great authors, such as; Dale Carnegie who wrote ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ one of the best-selling self-help books of all time and British-American author and inspirational speaker Simon Sinek.

Not only business partners, Donna and Cheryl are also best friends and Soul Sisters, and hope that by keeping it real and talking openly about their own experiences of; abuse, depression, divorce, suicidal thoughts, life-changing illnesses and loss… other women will feel free to do the same and ditch the guilt and mental shackles of low self-worth and discover they are already enough.

‘Become the Real You’ is championed by Newcastle-born 7-figure business owner, Niyc Pidgeon, who is a world-renowned Positive Psychologist, Hay House Author and the Founder of Unstoppable Success, Niyc said; “In this book, you’re going to drop into a new understanding of what happiness really is – and where you can find it too. You’ll discover how to understand your own feelings and behaviours, gain clarity on who you are, and leave armed with the tools to make better choices and to keep you feeling empowered, vibrant, and like all things are possible, no matter what’s going on in your day.”

This book is the next step for these two incredible Northern powerhouses as they continue their global movement, having already supported thousands of women from many countries across the world, including; UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Norway, Germany… to break free from self-doubt and to live a life of happiness, balance and inner confidence. Written during one of the most unusual seasons the world has collectively experienced, and with a wealth of professional expertise and personal experience, Donna and Cheryl were determined to write something, which could be used as a handbook for lasting change.

With an impressive combined corporate leadership experience, they personally both decided to ditch the 9-5 back in 2018, to passionately pursue their coaching dream, which has rapidly grown in success and become a multi-six-figure business in the last three years.

“One of my most favourite quotes comes from Dolly Parton,” says Donna, “she said ‘find out who you are and do it on purpose.’ There’s been so much tragedy and loss in the last two years and we’re all reflecting on who we are and what we really want out of life. That’s a very brave road to travel and we’ve poured our heart and soul into writing something that really helps people go after that change. The book begins with the challenge to seize the day and set aside any ideas of worthlessness, you can’t have ‘it’ or ‘it’s’ not possible, whatever ‘it’ is!”

Incorporating disarmingly honest examples from their own experience, Donna and Cheryl tackle issues head on, starting with limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome and moving through being honest about your desires, goals, ambitions and dreams without apology. Being able to say ‘no!’ and letting go of detrimental relationships, expectations, practices and beliefs are as significant as celebrating yourself, goal setting and self-care.

Donna continues; “We’re absolutely thrilled that this has come together and become a best-seller. Once we started writing, and the ideas started flowing, we found ourselves getting excited all over again for every single reader who picks up this book with intent. You might not feel like it today, but there’s no better time for you to be alive because you’re alive now! And the universe is hanging on your every word. She’s waiting for the nod, for you to give her something to work with. That turn-around in your beliefs, thoughts, feelings, actions and habits can start today, simply by turning that page.”

Cheryl continues; “We want our readers to make this book their Life Guide. To turn corners over on pages that they love, underline parts that resonate with them, scribble notes in the margins. It’s designed to take our readers on a journey of self-discovery, self acceptance and self belief and it’s the highest honour for a book to be loved that way! We should be seeing thousands of women taking life by the horns and making every day count for them. This isn’t about running anyone else’s race, living in the shadow of anyone else’s belief. This is about you and your life!”

Cheryl said; “We’ve met and worked with hundreds of people, struggling to say ‘yes’ to their dreams and it’s often rooted in limiting beliefs we don’t even realise we have. But the fact is, that whisper within you does not and will not go away. It will become a roar. Your beliefs are things that you accept to be true. They are ideas about yourself and the world that you hold as fact. Because of this you tend not to question them and for the most part, you’re not even aware that they are there. We have to challenge and dismantle some of those things in order to build something different in our future. There’s a native American Proverb I love;‘The tragedy of life is not death but what we let die inside of us while we live. Honestly, I don’t want a single other human being to let the vibrancy, creativity, uniqueness and joy of who they are, die inside of them. That’s not living, that’s just existing and if the pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that life is to be lived, every special day we have!”

“We definitely don’t want to define what people get out of it. Who are we to set those parameters?! But we do want to encourage readers to be active, rather than passive and this is why there are tools for reflection, decision-making and creating new habits. This is a manual for life, not just a book. We’re delighted that it has been so well received and we’re hoping that as readers participate in the journey, they will experience everlasting positive change.”

Become the Real You is available on Amazon.