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Ovenu Lytham says oven valeting services in demand as Fylde Coast householders buy used cookers to cut expenditure

Sandra Gee and Edward Miller of Ovenu Lytham

The cost-of-living crisis is generating new business for oven valeting service Ovenu Lytham as research reveals one in ten people now prefer to buy preloved items, including household appliances.

As people on the Fylde Coast tighten their belts in response to rising inflation and spiralling energy costs, business owner Sandra Gee and technician Edward Miller say they are seeing an increasing trend for clients to buy a used cooker or oven.

Sandra, who lives in Blackpool, said: “The increase in the cost of living is persuading people to buy a used cooker or, if moving home, they will keep hold of a left-behind appliance when previously they would have replaced it with a new one.

“The cost of a new cooker can be prohibitive, so buying used and having it professionally cleaned and returned to near showroom condition is a cost-effective option for those determined to keep their expenditure down.”

A recent survey by online classified site Gumtree found one in 10 buying preloved for the first time in the last three months, with 44% saying they are more willing to purchase more second-hand items than a year ago. For a third (31%) this includes big ticket items such as cooking equipment.

She added: “A professional oven valet saves energy because a clean appliance operates more efficiently and ensures food is cooked at the correct temperature. It also represents a huge saving on the price of a new oven while at the same time being kinder to the environment.
“We have managed to completely transform some grimy ovens that might otherwise have been destined for the tip.”

For example, a build-up of grease and grime on the door seal or temperature sensor can both distort cooking times and increase the amount of electricity or gas used.

Rik Hellewell, founder and managing director of the Ovenu franchise said: “Our clients appreciate the overall savings they can make by having their ovens professionally valeted. In the long term, it can extend the life of an appliance and avoids expensive parts failing, such as the fan motor or a printed circuit board. In addition, it also improves the taste of the food!”

The Ovenu valeting process involves dismantling key components of an oven such as the door, interior panels, fan, and shelves and placing them into design-registered tank equipment, which uses safe, non-caustic products, leaving the oven in near showroom condition.

Ovenu Lytham covers Lytham St Annes, Blackpool, Normoss, Moss Side, Peel, Saltcotes, North Shore, South Shore, Mythop, Grange Park, Layton, Staining, Stanley Park, and surrounding areas.

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