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Panintelligence pivots to meet escalating market demand for hosted services

L-r: Panintelligence’s Ken Miller, Zandra Moore, Charlotte Bailey

Panintelligence, the Leeds-based provider of business intelligence and predictive analytics tools, has announced the launch of its first hosted software as a service (SaaS) product via the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure, opening up a huge new potential market of SaaS customers globally.

The move is a major strategic pivot for the Leeds-based software business in direct response to a dramatic growth in demand for hosted services that has been triggered by the impact of the pandemic on the software market since 2020.

The developer’s first hosted SaaS product will offer new growth potential as it enables software vendors and customers with smaller development resources and infrastructure to more rapidly integrate and use the Pi BI solution that allows decisions to be based on real-time information from data already held by customers. The new product will make the firm’s Pi software tools accessible to a new market of software vendors, significantly growing the firm’s potential market and allowing for faster potential growth in revenues.

“We have always followed market demands in the development of Pi and the introduction of our first hosted SaaS product was in response to a change in the way vendors and developers want to deploy our tools, with us doing more of the provision and reducing the burden on their dev teams,” said Panintelligence co-founder and CEO Zandra Moore.

“This opens up Pi to a whole new market, and that’s key to our future growth. We’re still able to deploy our solutions within our existing clients’ own servers, but our experience of the dramatic shift in demand from on-premise to SaaS provision was the driver for the rapid development of PiSaaS to deliver what rapidly scaling, agile vendors wanted – hosted SaaS tools – and this significantly widens our potential market.”

The launch marks the culmination of an 18-month programme of product and service re-development in order to meet increasing global demand for its embedded dashboards, reporting and predictive analytics tools as a fully-hosted service.

COO Charlotte Bailey said: “Panintelligence’s mission has always been to democratise data and enable agility, and this move further opens up the value of insight to a whole new market of vendors and customers so that everyone, no matter what area of the business they work in, can access what they need in real time and truly become data-first companies.

“By offering Pi as a hosted software service, PiSaaS gives these organisations access to the same operational and compliance benefits typically only available to larger organisations, without a big up-front investment. PiSaaS enables our clients to automate and accelerate their business intelligence and predictive analytics process so they can more easily drive value from data insight.”

Panintelligence was founded by Ken Miller and CEO Zandra Moore in 2014 and has more than 200,000 users of its Pi dashboard worldwide. The firm secured Series A fundraising in November 2019, and employs a team of 42 staff at the company’s Leeds HQ.