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Pontefract Accountants expand with new commercial finance offering

The team at Stephens Accountants Left to Right:Nicola Holmes, Cora Lister, Lawrence Morton, Georgia Pickup, Curtis Deal, Sean Stephens, Donna Stephens, Bethany Musgrave

Pontefract based accountancy firm, Stephens Accountants has expanded its business offering, by branching out into the commercial finance sector.

For over 26 years the team at Stephens Accountants have been supporting business owners by providing accounting, taxation and payroll services to small to medium businesses, helping them to improve their profitability and to grow.
The innovative new business arm enables Stephens Accountants to offer a fully rounded package of financial services, providing end-to-end support for clients. Additional services will include support in areas like funding VAT, corporation tax payments, accessing commercial property finance, business loans and venture capital along with alternative finance options such as asset-based lending and peer-to-peer lending.

Founder and Managing Director, Sean Stephen’s said: “We are committed to helping our clients get the knowledge, expertise and help they need. We’ve always prided ourselves on offering a friendly, personalised service, having built up strong, trusted relationships with our clients. Recently, we’ve had a great deal of clients who are ready to grow their business, asking for advice on how to access the necessary finance. Others have needed help to overcome cashflow problems identified through our forecasting process.”

“At a time when face-to-face contact is widely being replaced by automated services, we’ve found that many business owners are uncomfortable about sharing their sensitive financial information with numerous, often unfamiliar, organisations. In a nutshell, they prefer to talk to one trusted individual, as their designated contact/account manager.”
“So, we decided to respond by introducing this additional function into our business mix. This has helped us to continue to offer a first-class service and enables us to accompany our customers along the whole of their journey – i.e. allowing them to obtain all their financial support in one place. We have expert advisers in place with access to over 150 finance companies available to meet each customer’s individual commercial funding needs.”

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