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Sales Soar at UK’s largest solar panel company

Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK

Cop26 coupled with energy price hikes are key factors in unprecedented interest

Google Search data reveals increases in consumers searching for “solar energy” and “gas price rises”

Google Analytics data from the month in the run up to COP26 and the fortnight the environmental conference was running (Oct 1st – November 19th, 2021) showed that Project Solar UK’s website visits were up 67.5% and website enquiries were up 42.7% on the same time period in 2020. Also recorded was data comparing the COP26 phase with the previous 6-week period in 2021. Website visits were up 23.7% and website enquiries were up 31.6% in October/ November compared to the September / October phase –the most dramatic uplift in interest in the company’s 10-year history.

More generally, UK search data from Google shows that there was a 50% increase in searches for ‘solar panels’ year on year in October, and an 83% increase in search for ‘solar energy’ from August to October in the lead up to COP. Such intense interest in solar panels can be attributed to the build up to COP26 activity in Glasgow with the raising of issues and heightened media interest around climate change in the run to the event.

Coupled with the impact of Cop26, has been price hikes for gas and electricity which have caused consumers to consider alternative energy sources. Google search trends in the UK show a +1275% search volume increase in ‘gas price rises’ in the last 3 months, a concerning statistic as we move into the winter months when home heating bills will increase.

Solar panels are a direct way to reduce ongoing energy bills as they are designed to absorb energy from daylight and convert it into energy for domestic use. The solar power systems derive clean, pure energy from the sun, helping combat greenhouse gas emissions and reducing collective dependence on fossil fuel such as coal and natural gas.

“People are actively seeking out options to run their domestic appliances without harming the environment,” says greentech entrepreneur, Simon Peat, CEO of Project Solar UK. “Solar panels, used alone or as part of a wider energy solution, are proving an attractive and cost-effective option that is being explored by an increasing number of householders as the Google search data bears out.”

“Sales have soared in the past six weeks, and we can definitely peg the growing interest to conversations going on around COP26 and society’s concerns about rising energy prices. We have hit our 2021 target and are starting to formulate plans for recruiting staff in our Burton Upon Trent and Stockport offices to deal with the demand for solar. We are delivering more than 100 installations across the country each week as people switch on to solar and recognise the benefits of using this natural energy source.”