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Stockport’s Giant Frogs Auction. Here is how to join and get your hands on one

Stockport's Giant Frog

The 18 (of originally 22) giant sculptures from Stockport’s Giant Leap Frog Art Trail are now being auctioned off.

The auction, conducted by Simon Charles Auctioneers & Valuers, is taking place from 6 pm on Thursday, October 17 and you can register now to make an online bid.

You can also join in person. The auction will be happening at LSH Auto’s new Mercedes-Benz showroom in Stockport and tickets, costing £5 each, can be booked online via Skiddle’s website.

All details about the auction and pictures of all frogs that will be auctioned can be found on Simon Charles Auctioneers & Valuers’ website.

All proceeds from the sales will be in aid of Stepping Hill Hospital’s Tree House children’s ward.

Sponsored by local businesses, the frogs were the brainchild of Totally Stockport, the team from Stockport’s Business Improvement District, and demand for the sculptures is expected to be high.

So far, Edgeleap is the most viewed frog on the auction’s website, but when it comes to bids the highest commission bid has been placed on This Little Froggy Went to Market.