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Top Manchester hotel offers free personal training for its guests and workers at First Street Manchester

Manchester’s Hotel of the Year has launched free fitness sessions every Thursday morning with Project Health owners John Wilkinson and Sam Witter.

The 4 star lifestyle hotel on First Street started the initiative to encourage hotel guests to get outside and get fit during the Summer months – the classes have proved so popular the team have opened up the sessions to nearby office workers on the new First Street development.

Witter, a personal trainer and nutritionist has helped celebrities such as Coleen Rooney and Mel C to achieve their health and fitness goals, having a passion for sport and fitness growing up this led him to pursue a career in personal training. Sam teams up with John Wilkinson to deliver the sessions, a nutrition coach currently working in professional Rugby League and about to embark on a PhD in Sports Nutrition.

John is from a food background and has cooked for the 2012 Olympic, Premiership and Champions League football teams.

The hotel is footing the bill for the fitness classes which are every Thursday morning between 6.30am and 7.30am, all with the vision to get people more fit and create more of a sense of community on the new development, Kris Doyle, Guest Experience Manager at INNSIDE Manchester explains:

“Being able to give our guests some added value to their stay is extremely important to us as a business, and for our brand. We like to do things differently, and instead of the usual, we wanted to give them an opportunity to get outdoors and support where we can with something a bit more unique”

“We’ve opened the fitness classes up to local office workers based on First Street as the initiative grows to encourage healthy working – it’s great to get outside first thing in the morning and chat with other local businesses. Young professionals working for the likes of Auto Trader love the new initiative and are a large customer of ours – it’s great to engage with them so positively and, ultimately have fun”

Both the hotel and Sam see the classes evolving into what they hope will be a regular, twice or three times weekly occurrence. All classes and expert advice from the trainers is open to the hotels team members as well as hotel guests and First Street workers of all abilities and age groups.

Sam explains: “Health and wellness in the work place is now so important, for a number of reasons including great stress relief, increased concentration and decreased risk of serious illness. Since working with INNSIDE Manchester we’ve noticed a real community spirit has developed amongst the participants.”

“Participation has increased week on week and other local businesses are keen to get on board. It’s been successful for many of the mentioned reasons for all organisations represented, along with a great sense of relationship building within the groups”

The fitness classes are advertised weekly on the hotels Twitter account, @InnsideMCR and you can turn up from 6.30am every Thursday morning to take part. Follow Project Health to learn more about working with them, @project_health1 on Twitter.

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