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Uniform launch new positioning and identity for Arcadis Gen

Arcadis Gen brand identity by Uniform

Uniform, the Brand Design agency, has created the positioning and identity for Arcadis Gen. The new global digital business aims to secure Arcadis’ position as the leading provider of data-driven products and solutions across the built and natural environment.

Arcadis appointed Uniform as their brand partner for the new global business.

The Arcadis Gen brand strategy is key to communicating the positive impact data can have on infrastructure, turning the digital into the tangible. By using data Arcadis Gen will enable organisations to be more cost effective when purchasing resources for infrastructure projects.

The new digital business will set Arcadis apart from the competition by creating an environment for next generation thinking – where a culture of agility and innovation inspires development of world-class software and customer experiences.

“We’re doing something the industry hasn’t seen before” says Rachel White, CEO of Arcadis Gen “we’re launching a tech company; bringing together some of Arcadis’s brightest digital minds in an environment for thinking differently. At Arcadis Gen, our agile teams will be empowered to bring next generation insights to customers, to explore bold new business models, and to innovate digital solutions quickly and seamlessly.”

Uniform’s Associate Director, Scott McCubbin said: “At Uniform we help brands stay relevant in an ever-changing world. We work with them to embrace change by connecting the dots between human behaviour, creativity and technology. It’s been great to work with Arcadis to create a new innovative brand that brings together recent acquisitions with existing parts of their business. Arcadis Gen is an exciting business as it uses data to help cities and some of the world’s biggest organisations make decisions that maximise efficiencies, which will ultimately benefit us all by reducing environmental impact.”

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