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Van Fleet Specialist Promotes ‘Eco Driving’ to Fight Fuel Costs

Van fleet security, training and compliance solutions provider, HH Driveright, is offering van fleet operators a new way to help tackle the growing issue of fuel stress and urging operators to adopt ‘eco driving’ techniques to get through the crisis.

HH Driveright says fleets must take better control of their fuel consumption, by precisely monitoring the driving behaviours of those behind the wheel. Every Pound saved counts and, by encouraging better driving practice, tangible fuel savings can be enjoyed across a typical fleet.

Bad driving practices which waste fuel unnecessarily include harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh cornering, idling and speeding. All of these are easily detected using HH Driveright’s new GM2020 device.

When integrated with a van’s CAN-BUS, this telematics device allows detailed data on driving behaviours to be collected and analysed and summarised in a star rating that enables comparison with other drivers. It is a clear asset for those wishing to save fuel, as it identifies which drivers need extra training in certain driving techniques and to which drivers to talk, in order to try to make fuel saving gains.

“The GM2020 can help create a fleet based on efficient and eco-friendly driving,” says Rebecca Hall, managing director or HH Driveright. “Drivers need to learn how to drive more efficiently by making simple changes, such as easing off the accelerator and moving down the gears in plenty of time. Smooth acceleration and the avoidance of harsh braking can help vehicles run more cost effectively. Our device will demonstrate to what extent they do any of this, through our driver behaviour ratings and also highlight if, and how much, they speed. It’s brilliant for cutting fuel consumption but also great for safety and lowering insurance claims.”

Just reducing speed by 5 to 10 mph can improve fuel economy by 7-14%. Experts say a combination of obeying speed limits, accelerating and braking gently and reading the road ahead, through good observation skills, can increase fuel economy at higher speeds by 15-30%. In stop-and-go traffic, these skills improve fuel economy by 10-40%.

Idling is another bad habit wasting fuel, but one that is also identified by the GM2020. Minimising idling time, so that an engine is never running when stationary for more than 10-20 seconds, also cuts emissions, delivering climate change benefits. HHD Security can provide a clear indication of each vehicle’s CO2 rating and provides evidence of key indicators which affect this rating.

HH Driveright offers other services to help reduce fuel stress. Its HHD Compliance interactive and intuitive App encourages drivers to complete daily vehicle checks and inspections with great efficiency. That is one way to make sure vans do not hit the road with underinflated tyres, which also eats up the fuel.

The HH Driveright School of Excellence can also provide further driver training, to help address some of the issues that lead to fuel being wasted. An online learning portal includes a valuable Hazards Perception course, which can greatly assist with driver awareness, observation skills and reading of the road. All of these help cut out much of the harsh braking and harsh acceleration that waste fuel.

“We need to move all fleet drivers to a position where they are ‘eco-driving’”, says Rebecca Hall. “We have the technology to help fleet managers do this and that should be music to the ears at a time when fleets are struggling to absorb rising fuel prices and self-employed drivers are worrying about price-per-mile fuel payments.”

As well as offering fleet managers the advantages of analysing areas in which fuel is being wasted, the GM2020 provides tremendous van security benefits. It enables a van to be immobilised and, if compatible, auto-locked too, should a driver leave their vehicle with the keys in the ignition whilst delivering. Step one is an audible alert. If the driver does not respond to that within 10 seconds, the van is immobilised. Once a fleet manager is sure that all is well, the van can be remobilised within 60 seconds.

Different models of the GM2020 are available, from fully hard-wired, to plug and play and a bespoke version for Ford vans.