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10 new jobs at Malton’s Tofoo Co

David Knibbs and Lydia Knibbs, The Tofoo Co

Malton-based food manufacturer The Tofoo Co has announced 10 new jobs at its site on York Road Industrial Park, offering North Yorkshire locals the chance to join their growing team of Tofoo makers.

The company already employs 58 people and is recruiting following recent growth which will see turnover increase by an expected 200% this year since 2017.

Following an introduction of three new products to its range in the last three months, and ahead of a large scale factory expansion due to launch in autumn, The Tofoo Co is in need of manufacturing operatives to join the business, with paid breaks and training and development opportunities available for strong candidates.

Each day the three year old start-up creates 20,000 packs of tofu spanning across its product range from its busy factory.
Whereas many other brands use calcium sulphate, Tofoo Naked is an all-natural protein alternative made from only soya beans, nigari and water. The new Tofoo makers will be following a traditional Japanese recipe, turning soya beans into soya milk before adding nigari to form the bean curd. They will then be undertaking the crucial step of ensuring it is pressed for just the right amount of time to get the best firmness and texture.

David Knibbs, founder and managing director of The Tofoo Co, said: “Since launching our brilliant Tofoo three years ago we have seen significant growth to become the number one tofu in Britain1. With business progression, an exciting factory expansion on the horizon and increased demand due to the growth of the meat free sector, we need to develop and build our Tofoo family to help achieve our big ambitions.

“We are a family run business and want to offer opportunities to local people who share not only our work ethic, but also our strong values around bringing an exciting and unique product to the market.”

These jobs will provide a boost to the jobs market in the North Yorkshire region, with both full time early and late shift work and weekend roles available, offering flexibility around candidate’s home lives.

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