Home Business Services CheckFire Ltd introduces innovative LFX fire extinguisher range for lithium-ion battery fires

CheckFire Ltd introduces innovative LFX fire extinguisher range for lithium-ion battery fires

CheckFire's innovative LFX fire extinguisher range for lithium-ion battery fires

Today, CheckFire Ltd – a trade-only fire safety supplier – launches the revolutionary LFX fire extinguisher range designed specifically to tackle the unique dangers posed by lithium-ion battery fires. With lithium-ion batteries powering everything from smartphones and laptops to electric vehicles and industrial equipment, the risk of fire incidents has become a pressing concern.

According to data, the number of fires caused by exploding lithium-ion batteries in e-scooters and e-bikes soared by almost 150% in 2021. These fires are the fastest-growing fire risk in London, with firefighters attending 155 e-bike fires and 28 e-scooter fires in 2023 – a 78% increase compared to 2022, where they attended a total of 116 fires.

Lithium-ion battery fires are the result of thermal runaway and catastrophic failure of the battery, caused by factors such as overcharging, overheating, physical damage, or internal battery malfunction, posing significant risks to property, life, and the environment.

Thermal runaway happens when Lithium-ion batteries hit a temperature of 60°C+, releasing toxic gases and igniting. Cooling the entire battery pack, even undamaged cells, is crucial to halt the process. This in effect, stops the chain reaction in the damaged cells of the battery from spreading further and causing additional cells to overheat and ignite.

With these fires occurring at the rate of at least six a week in the UK, CheckFire has been dedicated to providing an efficient solution for its customers to tackle these unique fires.
CheckFire’s new CommanderEDGE LFX fire extinguisher range is endothermic. Alongside its ability to effectively put out flames, its remarkable heat-absorbing properties quickly work to break down the chain reaction in thermal runaway and prevent other cells from overheating.

The result is that thermal runaway can be halted, extinguishing the failed cells and stopping other cells from exploding. The liquid is also extremely effective against Class A fires, and this allows the fire extinguisher to quickly tackle ‘peripheral’ fires that have been caused by the exploding batteries.

“What makes lithium-ion battery fires particularly challenging is the unique nature of these batteries and the substances involved,” said Daniel Robins, projects director at CheckFire. “With the LFX fire extinguisher range, we’ve developed a solution that can rapidly extinguish lithium-ion battery fires, as well as surrounding collateral Class A fires.”

In addition to its advanced fire-fighting capabilities, the LFX fire extinguisher range is fluorine-free. Despite the common perception that fluorine-free fire extinguishers may lack in high performance, LFX defies this notion by achieving exceptionally high A-class ratings; 27A on the 6ltr, and 34A on the 9ltr.

This innovation aligns with CheckFire’s commitment to promoting more eco-conscious fire safety practices, as demonstrated by the recent launch of The Green Range. By offering the fire trade an option of more sustainable fire safety solutions, LFX not only prioritises safety but also environmental responsibility.

“The LFX fire extinguisher range, NTA 8133 certified on the 6ltr and the 9ltr, marks a significant milestone in the industry,” added Robins. “The 6ltr is the first fire extinguisher on the UK market to carry this certification, a huge achievement. This underscores our commitment to providing top-tier portable fire extinguishing solutions for lithium-ion battery fires, offering peace of mind for the fire trade.”

CheckFire is committed to promoting fire safety awareness and providing innovative solutions to address evolving fire risks. The launch of the LFX fire extinguisher range marks a significant milestone in the company’s mission to enhance fire safety standards globally.