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Data destruction division fuels compliance and jobs

The expansion of a Bradford-based data destruction service isn’t just tackling a growing compliance issue in Yorkshire and beyond. It is helping to create jobs too.

IT reuse specialist Ucan Recycling has always offered secure data disposal to companies, educational establishments and local authorities. But an investment in new technology and the expansion of services offered, has attracted more clients and fuelled the creation of a management role for someone who had previously spent 19 years unemployed.

When donating their IT equipment to this Community Interest Company for recycling or reuse, clients can now come and witness the data destruction process, for utmost peace of mind.

If the unit can be refurbished and re-sold, they can watch serial numbers and hard drives being wiped or degaussed. The technology can wipe 38 hard drives at once, meaning 150 can be processed per hour. If the devices are beyond repair and are to be broken down for recycling, on-site shredding is also an option.

All of these procedures take place under the watchful eye of Colin Bagshaw. A local man who joined Ucan twelve months ago, Colin had previously been out of work for almost 20 years. The hole in his employment history meant interviews were hard to come by. Yet his keen interest in fixing and building PCs for friends and family, caught director Rob Seal’s eye.

“Despite an obvious lack of confidence, we took a gamble and appointed Colin as an IT technician,” explains Rob. “He worked closely alongside an experienced colleague and showed a keen interest in the growing data destruction side of the business. He has continued to flourish in his role so was the obvious candidate for the newly-created position of data security manager.”

Colin is now responsible for the division’s end-to-end processes, from the data destruction itself through to the preparation of asset reports and Certificates of Destruction/Disposal.

The new ‘witnessed data destruction service’ has proven of particular interest to clients in the legal, medical and financial services sector, as well as Universities throughout central and northern England.

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