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Electrifying Fitness Technology Used by Hollywood A-Listers Launched In Leeds

Feel Electric Wellness studios on Street Lane, Leeds, celebrated its opening earlier this month, with ex-professional rugby player Keith Mason and his inspirational wife Riona Kelly cutting the ribbon; after the tremendous success of its Harrogate-based studio earlier this summer, where clients are already experiencing A-list style results with this brand-new electrifying work out technology which produces results within a 20 minute workout equivalent to 4 hours of exercise via other means.

The new fitness trend taking Hollywood by storm and used by used by Hollywood A-listers such as; Madonna, Liz Hurley, Jamie Foxx and British actor, Tom Holland (AKA Spiderman) is based on Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology and is currently only available in a handful of places across the UK, but has been so well received that Feel Electric Wellness took the prime location in North Leeds to give sports fanatics, keep-fitters and those in need of physical rehabilitation the opportunity to experience this technology.

The ground floor premises on Street Lane, North Leeds house multiple training stations and can accommodate up to 400 clients per week.

There have been many local Yorkshire celebs and sports stars who have already tried Feel Electric’s EMS technology… including; TV Presenter Steph McGovern, BBC Apprentice winner and Entrepreneur Sian Gabbidon and football legend ex-Leeds player Danny Mills, who all visited the studios; Danny said; “You can definitely feel the impact, it switches on every single muscle and the burn out happens a lot quicker than a normal work out, that’s for sure. If you want something a little bit different, low impact, switching everything on, this is definitely the way to go.”

Feel Electric Wellness, was founded by former Leeds rugby union player, Jon Wright, and it focuses on four areas; overall strength and fitness training; rehabilitation, weight loss and toning and sculpting and has given ex-professional rugby player Keith Mason and his wife Riona Kelly, the chance to train together for the first time and continue to pursue their dreams.

Riona, who was paralysed in 2015 after suffering a rare spinal stroke, is an inspiration to many and has been trialing the new possibilities of EMS to further help her journey to recovery.

Keith Mason said; “Riona and I have been able to workout together for the first time in seven years since her first spinal stroke which left her paralysed and I can’t begin to describe the hope it gives us. We’ve looked high and low for the best physical therapy we can find for her, something that would give her the same high intensity workout as she was used to doing. Thanks to Feel Electric Wellness, EMS tech and the amazing PTs, Riona and I can really dream again.

“With this non invasive and safe but super intense workout we can now go to another level in her recovery and our ambition of marathon-running again one day is not so crazy! We’ve overcome again and again, and we will continue to inspire, because that’s what life is about! We’ll never give up.”

Academic studies by the Universities of Bayreuth (2002–2003) and Erlangen-Nürnberg (2009), the German Sport University Cologne (2008) and the Bad Oeynhausen Heart Clinic (2010) have all underlined the fantastic efficiency of EMS training.

Feel Electric Founder Jon Wright, said; “Once I had tried and seen the results from this revolutionary training, I realised that there is a fantastic opportunity to bring this to the UK market. It’s very popular on the continent, in the US and in the Middle East, but as usual the UK market is lagging behind.”

After suffering a string of back injuries, Jon hung up his Harlequins No 1 shirt to become an entrepreneur when he was 22 years old and he hasn’t looked back since. Jon initially started out by selling gym memberships, he then opened his own fitness club in 2006 and went on to found Xercise4Less, one of the pioneers of budget clubs which he built up to more than 50 clubs and then sold in a series of private equity deals. Jon said; “As someone who has suffered with a back injury from my early twenties, I still struggle to train, so I was intrigued when I found out about EMS technology. After I did my first session, I had my regular physio session and the therapist couldn’t believe the difference in my back. Not only that, since I started using EMS, I have lost 2 stone and I am now lighter than when I got married 16 years ago! I’m the most flexible and supple that I have ever been, it’s truly transformed my physique. Perhaps the best result of an EMS session is you get an endorphin rush or what’s known as ‘runners high’ – so after just 20 minutes, you come out buzzing! Normally I would have to train for 2 hours to feel this good!

Jon continues; “EMS is all about enjoying quicker toning and firming results than traditional fitness methods like HIIT sessions or weights at the gym. This new technology is offering sports enthusiasts, gym bunnies and anyone interested in developing a healthier low-impact lifestyle, the opportunity to weave EMS into their workouts, yielding faster, deeper results in half the time.”

“This is the future of fitness training for people who are very time-precious. Not only can it help improve fitness and health, it can provide results that equal 4 hours exercise in just 20mins… and you can see visible results in just 6 weeks or more quickly from just one 20-minute session per week. Plus, it’s much safer from a COVID point of view than going to a gym.

“Using technology to enhance your training is not new, but nothing has given the results that we are achieving before.”

“I’m so happy that we’ve been able to bring this new fitness technology to Yorkshire and I’m thrilled to open the Leeds studio. We plan to roll this concept out across the UK as a market leader, and although we’re pioneering this technology, I believe you will see EMS studios on most high streets in the years to come.”

Sam Turpin, Feel Electric Wellness Manager and Personal EMS Trainer said; “Each session is designed to be a one-to-one or one-to-two workout with one of our Personal EMS Trainers in a Covid safe environment. Trainers select individual programmes to achieve desired results and it’s so satisfying seeing our clients enjoy the rapid results that are so much different to working out in a gym. Each client wears their own suit which is theirs for the duration of the session and is hooked up to our EMS machine. In just 10-20 minutes your body will feel like it’s been working out for hours, as tiny electric impulses safely trigger more of your muscles at a deeper level to amplify the effects, stimulating 98% of your muscle fibres and contracting all your major muscle groups 85 times per second. This causes you to work harder, tone up and lose weight.”

“EMS also has a significant place in low-impact rehabilitation after injury. Expert Feel Electric EMS trainers work with clients to strengthen any affected muscles and accelerate the injury recovery process without risking muscle or joint strain. Scientific studies have shown that low impact EMS training can also help rehabilitation after surgery and even aid recovery after nerve injury.”

To find out more or to book a FREE trial session please visit the Feel Electric website.

Case Studies: Kate Stephen 36, from Harrogate, is on her fourth week and she is 22cm down overall, 8cm of them being from her waist. She has gone down in clothes sizes and hasn’t really altered her diet. The only variable that has changed is the introduction of EMS training. Kate said; “I’ve always found gyms really intimidating, never know how to use anything and all those gym bunnies walking around in their Lycra just puts me right off and makes me feel insecure… well, EMS is not like that – it’s literally you and the trainer in a room, doing some easy to master exercises and it only takes 20 minutes – a real game changer! It’s made a real difference to me in cms – I’ve not changed anything else – I’m still eating the same and I’ve carried on with my normal swimming and running. I’m really pleased – my running has felt stronger, I’ve done a couple of ten miles races and I’ve done a few long swims without really feeling like it’s any effort. The personal trainers are all so lovely too and support – which is a massive plus.”