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Sales surge for Clarity Informatics after new NHS Primary Care structure announced

Clarity Informatics Medical Director, Dr Gerry Morrow (L) with CEO, Tim Sewart (R)

Leading North East-based IT healthcare solutions provider, Clarity Informatics, has reported a significant increase in sales of their web-based compliance and sharing platform, Clarity TeamNet, following the introduction of a new NHS Primary Care structure that is going live this month.

Latest 2019 sales figures show monthly sales have doubled since the start of the year, growth which the company has attributed to the recent introduction of Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Since being acquired by Clarity Informatics just over two years ago, TeamNet has increased its geographical reach by almost 400% across England.

First announced on 29th March 2019, Primary Care Networks are a key component of the NHS’ long-term plan, which sets out its priorities for health care over the next ten years. Intended to support the delivery of fully integrated primary care services to local populations, the introduction of PCNs will require increased collaboration and integration between primary care providers and all practices across England were required to join or form a network by 1st July 2019.

Dr Gerry Morrow, Medical Director of Clarity, commented: “As a former GP, I’ve always seen the potential of practices sharing knowledge as an indispensable asset of an efficient healthcare system. There are still many unanswered questions regarding PCNs. It is, however, clear that a vehicle which allows transfer of knowledge and ability to collaborate and communicate with all stakeholders will be a vital component of any successful PCN.”

In recent customer case studies published by Clarity, results have shown efficiency in the primary care sector is best achieved through centralised management, administrative activities and standardised, streamlined operating processes, to improve performance.

Tim Sewart, Clarity’s CEO, added: “We anticipated an increase in sales with the launch of PCNs, however, the demand for Clarity TeamNet has exceeded even our expectations. It’s great to see practices across the country reaping the benefits of a comprehensive technology, and with the current trends towards further integration, we are anticipating the growth trend to continue.”

Clarity’s TeamNet supports Care Quality Commission (CQC) compliance, information management, personal appraisal and revalidation and helps GP practices, federations and Clinical Commission Groups (CCGS) to manage practices effectively, create time savings and ease the path through compliance inspections. As well as its enormous value as an intranet, it can be used it to share and collaborate between practices and other teams across the local health economy.