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University Sparks Acquisition Journey

A completed double garage to home office conversion - driven by the post pandemic need to work from home.

North East Garage Conversions (NEGC) is excited to announce its acquisition by Caztec Group, a strategic move aimed at meeting the rising demand for services and fostering substantial company growth. This partnership leverages shared resources to provide customers with a more competitive and efficient service.

Michael Donnelly, owner of North East Garage Conversions, explains, “The idea of merging with Caztec initially emerged during my Master’s Degree at Northumbria University. A module on the business environment taught me to think strategically about growing the business. After discussions with Caztec’s director, Brenden, it became evident that Caztec Group would be an ideal fit for both me and our future clients.”

Brenden Carr, Director of Caztec Group, adds, “Having already provided electrical support to NEGC on various projects, it was a logical step for Caztec to step in when Michael expressed interest in selling the business. Our manpower and skillset complement Michael’s vision and technical skills, and we are thrilled to continue the relationship.”
Benefits of the Acquisition:

  • Expanded Installation Capacity: The merger allows for a higher capacity to meet the increasing demand for services.
  • Enhanced Productivity: The combined expertise of NEGC and Caztec Group promises higher productivity levels and more efficient installations.
  • Streamlined Job Roles: The acquisition enables a more defined allocation of job roles within the new integrated structure.

Founded in 2022 by Michael, North East Garage Conversions identified a market gap while he was working in architecture. The surge in demand for home office space following the COVID-19 pandemic prompted the establishment of NEGC. The company offers homeowners in the region a fast, affordable solution to increase their living space.

Caztec Group, originally an award-winning electrical contractor in the commercial sector, has evolved into a full-service construction company. With an impressive portfolio of blue-chip clients in the commercial market. Director Brenden aims to expand the company’s revenue in the residential market through strategic acquisitions, with NEGC being the latest addition.