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Flame Concepts Delivers To The Letter

Web solutions and ticketing specialist, Flame Concepts, has shown belief in a new service being launched by one of its clients, by working in partnership with them, rather than charging an upfront fee for the website and development work completed.

The Cumbrian-based Flame Concepts team instantly saw the beauty and benefits of the new service now being offered by The Last Letter Project, which allows anyone to create a beautifully presented last letter, or letters, for the loved ones they leave behind when they pass away.

The idea came from personal experience. Director of the Last Letter Project, ex-serviceman Anthony Robinson, received a note from a former colleague’s daughter, detailing how her father had created a gold, sealed letter, to be given to her if he lost his life. This had provided huge comfort over the years. Anthony is now allowing others to gain the same sense of solace, whilst retaining precious memories of loved ones.

This struck a chord with the Flame Concepts employees, who have personal experience of the Services. The Last Letter Project was immediately perceived to be a sensitive service that Flame Concepts should support.

Flame agreed to work in partnership with Anthony Robinson and family, creating the technical framework for a simple-to-use website that has downloadable resources, an easy payment mechanism and intelligent programming to get the site visitor from A to B.

Design work was then created by Anthony’s daughter, Issy, who is at college studying graphic design. The overall impact is one of sincerity and warmth.

Through the service, the words of those creating a letter are handwritten on gold parchment by a skilled calligrapher and assistance with wording can be provided to anyone struggling to find the right sentiment. The calligraphers never know who the client is, so there is total security and anonymity, and no documentation is retained once the client receives their letters and is satisfied with their purchase. These core principles were bolstered by working with Flame Concepts, which is Cyber Essentials accredited.

Letters are sealed with a Victorian-style wax stamp and can be dispatched on a signed-for basis, if desired. A family crest can also be used, if the client wishes. There is even an option to have photographic memories incorporated within the delightful package.

The service allows the client to have a Will created, if required, so they leave behind not just touching and consoling words for their family member or friend, but clear instructions as to how they would like their estate to be divided, when the time comes.

That prevents any confusion or misunderstanding, as well as ensuring family and friends benefit as the creator of the Will would have wished, rather than having the law decide who should inherit.

All the forms required for the various options, and the completion of the service, have been specially designed to make life simple for the purchaser. The site is equipped with a newsletter sign-up facility and has the facility for sales avenues to be identified via a code, to identify where orders are coming from.

Flame Concepts’ managing director, Steve Bishop, said: “We are delighted to be partnering with The Last Letter in this launch, as we understand the deep emotional value of the service and its relevance to so many people. Whilst it is hugely beneficial to those in the armed forces, police or fire services, it is something that anyone who cares about their loved ones’ feelings should consider.”

Anthony Robinson said: “Having a company with a cast iron reputation like Flame Concepts has given us far more than a website and a shop window. They have guided us in what were uncertain waters of online marketing and have been of huge assistance in so many areas that were far beyond their remit. Due to their unquestioning support, we have been engaged to a higher degree and are more determined than ever to share this project with the wider community, allowing them to see the huge benefits of what, in reality, is the greatest gift that anyone could ever give to a loved one.”

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