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Manchester’s creative digital Anything agency invest £500,000 in growth

Anything Lead Designer Holly Martin, Founder, Jono Brain & Founder Mark Holt

Creative digital agency, Anything today announce their expansion plans for 2022 starting with a recruitment drive to appoint up to 10 digital agency professionals. The agency has seen a sharp rise in demand for their expertise in Content as a Service (CaaS) which has led to the agency expanding their team, moving to a new bigger studio in Manchester and redesigning the space to their exact requirements. The estimated cost of their investment is over £500,000.

Anything is responsible for the online reputation of some of the biggest brand names in the UK, including Quorn, Swizzles and Netmums. Their Netmums relationship of over 12 years has developed along the same timeline as CaaS which they adopted to organise the vast amount of data held on the platform. Quorn is another client of Anything who adopted CaaS, and is still enjoying the benefits of the technology six years later. As the brand evolves; the Quorn website architecture is robust enough to manage changes across multiple international versions, without further backend development and expense.

Anything, Co Founder, Jono Brain said: “Since establishing in 2014 we have quietly worked hard to build our agency. We continued throughout the pandemic to keep our clients online presence working smoothly and even managed to attract new clients during this difficult time. The rising interest in our expertise in CaaS and the steady growth of our client base means we need to expand our team and invest in a fantastic new studio space, which is currently being redesigned. We’ve also created a senior team to inspire and support the agency including Leanda Falcon as Client Services Director and Lead Designer, Holly Martin. Our clients have some big plans for 2022 so we are looking for digital talent across the board from client services to design to developers so we are in good shape to meet business demands.”

Prismic.io, Agency Partnerships Manager, Noor Simreekheea, said: “Anything agency is a pioneer in the Digital Marketing space. Businesses are building their digital presence essentially through their websites. In this context, you can only imagine how much content is key to building a powerful brand that generates growth. Marketing, Product, Documentation, Finance, and HR teams are all asking to have access to Content creation nowadays. Ideally, content tools should be accessible to all teams in a company.They can leverage it to publish engaging pages targeted towards potential clients, potential hires, and even potential investors. Content as a Service is the future of digital-focused teams. Joining the team at Anything can be a great opportunity to become an expert in this space, while it’s still new.”