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Swayble makes meeting spaces dynamic in multiple ways

Calvin Innes and Sarah Hensby

A design duo has created innovative furniture that uses motion to calm, inspire and motivate.

Sarah Hensby runs The Creative Juice, an agency that designs shared spaces and infuses a sense of wonder into settings that are typically considered monotonous and uninspiring. As a 3D designer and visualiser, she decided that meeting rooms and seating areas often lack energy, which can be especially taxing for people with ADHD.

“Everyone fidgets now and then, so we’ve harnessed this motion and transferred it into a calming activity,” says Sarah. “Swayble is a stylish table complemented by robust swing chairs, which are brought together by a Scandi-chic frame. The result is an area where people can meet, eat and swing their feet, which creates a sense of serenity and togetherness.”

Fidgeting is typically seen as something that should be suppressed, yet recent research shows that it can actually help people with ADHD to focus more clearly on a topic of discussion. The same goes for people who sometimes feel nervous when in a group, as gentle physical movement can strengthen emotional state and thought processes alike. Swayble brings this positive approach quite literally to the table in environments as diverse as offices, co-working spaces, bars and hotels.

Working with Sarah as her business partner is Calvin Innes, the Creative Director and CEO of disruptive marketing agency Drunk Animal. Together they are pooling their skills and resources to launch a versatile product that could change the way people exchange ideas, make key business decisions and unwind after a hard day’s work.

“Drunk Animal and The Creative Juice are both based in Hull,” says Calvin. “Sarah and I love our city and we’re dedicated to tapping into the limitless talent and ingenuity that it has to offer. That’s why we’re working with manufacturers in Hull to take Swayble from the drawing board to commercial premises, restaurants and leisure facilities across the UK.”

Sarah adds: “We believe that employees should be encouraged to take a break from their heads-down duties and engage in some fun, rejuvenating play. Swayble creates a breakout space that promotes relaxation and productivity in equal measure. Taking a few minutes to gently sway really does fuel your imagination, creativity and emotional wellbeing.”

Businesses interested in bringing their surroundings to life can find out more by getting in touch with Sarah and Calvin through the Swayble website.