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Yorkshire Funeral Directors Launch Campaign with a Difference

As part of their celebrations for being awarded 2017 Best Modern Funeral Director alongside reaching the milestone of their first 18 months in business in Guiseley, Full Circle Funerals launches a community initiative this month that will see them giving back to the neighbourhoods they work within.

Kicking off with a collaboration with another local independent business, Menston based The Happy Place Gift Company, Full Circle is launching their ‘Enjoy the Moment’ initiative, with their first activity encouraging people to join in with “Send a card to a friend day”. Members of the local community are invited to pop up and grab a free fun card, supplied by the Happy Place Gift Company, and encouraged to send it to a friend on 7th February, as a small act of kindness, that could have a big impact on someone’s day.

Guiseley based MD Sarah Jones, an ex doctor, and local entrepreneur said: “After 18 months as funeral directors, as a team very new to this industry, we’ve realised that our mindsets and general outlooks on life have started to change as we have become much more appreciative of the smaller pleasures in life.”

Sarah, a mum of 2, added: “Rather than focussing on what has already happened or putting all our energy into planning for the future we have all got much better at living for now and appreciating the moment. We have started to understand the value of this and so want to share this message. For us a big part of it is about spending time with the people who are important to us, and taking time to be kind and mindful -this is exactly what our ‘Enjoy the Moment’ is centred around”.

Following their ‘Send a card to a friend’ activity, to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the team have a mission to distribute secret bouquets of flowers in and around Menston, leaving them for people to pick up across a number of public places, with notes inviting people to give them to someone special or to take them home to enjoy themselves.

As a small local independent business, run by a team all living in Guiseley and Burley in Wharfedale , Full Circle is keen to play a positive role in their neighbourhood and ‘Enjoy the Moment’ will run throughout 2018, with lots of initiatives that give a little something to local community members.

Collaborating with other Yorkshire businesses, such as the Chevin Country Park Hotel, Full Circle is also giving people the chance to win some very special prizes on the Breakfast Show on StrayFM over the next few weeks, providing free opportunities for people to invite a friend or family member to take some time to ‘enjoy the moment’ together.

The ongoing initiative will also see the company sponsor local fundraising events, support local community groups and charities and showcase local people who are going the extra mile for others. It will also use its social media channels to help spread happy news, to try and counterbalance all the negative press that circulates and anyone who’d like to get in touch to get involved can do so via www.facebook.com/fullcirclefunerals and https://twitter.com/FCFuneral.

Funeral Director and founder, Sarah Jones said: “We’re really excited to launch this activity to encourage people to enjoy the simple everyday pleasures in life. There is often something positive to be found in every moment, and with such busy lives we are at risk of missing it”.

Full Circle Funerals is based at 114 Otley Road Guiseley but operates across Yorkshire.

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